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Our Services

Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Surgery
The majority of foot and ankle conditions can be managed conservatively.  However, sometimes surgical intervention is necessary.  Dr. Vincent has extensive training in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery in children and adults.

Custom Orthotics/Arch Supports and Braces

     Many conditions of the foot and ankle can be treated simply with custom devices.  Dr. Vincent uses the most technologically advanced methods to prepare and dispense these custom devices in children and adults.

Diabetic Foot Care

     Proper foot care and hygiene is paramount in patients with diabetes.  Patients with Diabetes are at an increased risk for foot problems that can include ulcerations, nerve problems, amputations and fractures.  Our diabetic patients are seen on a regular basis to help prevent these complications.

Diabetic Shoe Program
     Family Foot and Ankle Care takes a proactive role in dispensing diabetic footwear.  We participate in the medicare diabetic shoe program, which allows patients with diabetes to obtain shoes and inserts on a yearly basis.  Diabetic socks, slippers and sandals are also available.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
     Heel pain or plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot and ankle problems.  Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment for chronic heel pain that uses shockwaves to eliminate inflammation and pain. 

     Peripheral neuropathy or nerve pain in the legs and feet is a very common ailment that affects many individuals.  Common causes of neuropathy are Diabetes, Back pain and Alcohol abuse.  Dr. Vincent provides conservative and surgical treatment for nerve pain that affects the lower extremities.

On Site X-Ray Services
     Often X-rays necessary to provide a proper diagnosis.  We are able to take x-rays and develop them on site to provide patients with immediate results.  This allows us to formulate a detailed treatment plan immediately.

Pediatrics/Pediatric Surgery
     Foot and ankle problems in children are very common and often overlooked.  If you are concerned about your child's feet or ankles they should be evaluated by an expert in pediatric foot and ankle conditions.  We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment of children with foot and ankle problems.  Dr. Vincent has extensive training in pediatric foot and ankle surgery including flatfoot and clubfoot reconstructive surgery.

Sports Medicine
     Sports injuries to the foot and ankle occur on a daily basis and can include sprains, strains and fractures.  Most of the time these injuries can be treated conservatively, however certain injuries do require surgical intervention.  We treat all injuries to the foot and ankle with the goal of returning to athletics as quickly and safely as possible.

Wound Care
     Open sores and wounds on the foot and ankle are quite common in patients with Diabetes and poor circulation.  Wounds that do not heal within a short period of time require specialized wound care.  Dr. Vincent is trained in advanced wound care which uses the most current treatment strategies to expedite wound healing.


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